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Counseling and Psychotherapeutic Services

Counseling is a collaboration of both counselor and client to help the client work toward understanding emotional struggles, develop healthier coping strategies and restoring more positive interpersonal and family relationships.

Services can include, individual, couples / family or group counseling. Just as each client and situation is unique, so is the counseling treatment. Some modalities that may be utilized include cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, solution-focused therapy, EMDR and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Medication Management Services

Medication management in collaboration with individual counseling can be an effective treatment for some individuals who are experiencing a range of mental and behavioral health issues.

For those whom medication management might be beneficial, the counselor will work with the client to arrange a Psychiatric intake. Through this collaborative process it can be determined if medication management might be beneficial!

Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing may be utilized in helping determine accurate prescription and treatment plan recommendations. 

Psychological Testing is typically completed for probation, courts, residential treatment facilities as well as IQ testing for the BHC.

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